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RBG WOKE Shorts & all Patch Options


This Specialty item is for those that Love Black History (Not just the month but 24/7/365 for a lifetime); who are WOKE (self-conscious and aware; concerned about the political climate and social injustices that exists today in our society; and world over. Who are actively participating in ways to make things better. And last but not least, those that are Wakonda 4ever in your hearts and minds regardless of color or creed (inspired by Black Panther Movie). Get your RBG 3-Panel Shorts. with any desired patch option.

To complete your order please do all of the following steps. Pick your: 1) size, and 2) patch options.

Some might advise against taking a political stance in business, but it is felt that it must be done. It is our hope here at Reggie Cru that you support and show #CruLuv. Peace!

** (Final price of shorts include S & H; any applicable taxes and process fees).

If you are a Washington state resident please look in the "CODES SECTION" for any applicable codes.